June 14-16, 2021 Camberwell College of Arts, Gallery Space 45-65, Peckham Road

Rachel Garvey

Hi, I am Rachel a 22 year old graphic designer based in South London creating both physical and digital work, with an interest in the human subconscious, patterns and how our subconscious reacts to pattern. 

Mind Manifesting & Drawing machine

Throughout my work I have been exploring themes of, fractal patterns, psychedelia, acid communism and kaleidoscopes. In a world of chaos, we must find pattern and sense. The purpose of my work is to bring subconscious patterns to the conscious mind. I have created a psychedelic looking video using fractals and kaleidoscopic imagery by then projecting this into an immersive space with the use of mirrors to create a life size kaleidoscope letting the viewer disconnect from the world and be totally immersed in a space of colours and patterns. 

I build a harmonograph drawing machine which works purely on pendulum movement to create linework patterns. The world we live in is full of chaos.  By making a machine that draws in a fractal way I have been able to replicate a visual of chaos as fractals are very chaotic. Exploring the idea of automatic movement and fractals the chaotic movement of the machine still has a fractal element to it. By displaying the drawing machine outside in nature, nature had a role to play in the outcome of the drawings.