June 14-16, 2021 Camberwell College of Arts, Gallery Space 45-65, Peckham Road

Ollie Spivey

A multi-disciplinary designer based in London that is interested in researching the social and cultural effects of technology, bridging the gap between physical and digital materiality. I explore the principles of communication through mediums like Illustration, print, tufting, photography, writing and the moving image.


As we find ourselves in an age of hyper-connectivity, my work explores the agitation and new rhythms of the digital condition in order to measure what kind of threat is imposed on humanity and our well-being in these shifting environments.
I like to be both emotionally spontaneous and theoretically critical within design, adopting a sensibility to our individual human values and personal relationships against an overwhelming digital expanse.
My final year project Electronic Anxiety explores our obsession with mobile phone connectivity and the psychological crisis of new technologies.