June 14-16, 2021 Camberwell College of Arts, Gallery Space 45-65, Peckham Road

Kyle Rodrigues

Kyle Rodrigues is a multidisciplinary social commentary designer. Kyle’s practice seeks to critique the world around him often taking a bottom-up approach focusing on the individual and how best to achieve the desired response. Occasionally dipping into satirical artwork Kyle’s projects are often designed to be implemented in the public domain, meaning they heavily rely on sociology and physiological to evoke a behavioural response. The aim of Kyle’s design work often pushing the viewer/ consumer towards a desired thought process, newfound understanding or behavioural change acting on behalf of the viewer. 

Reclaiming Adverting Spaces

Advertising isn’t an inherently bad action but done widely and to a big enough extent can cause damage in addition outdoor visual advertising is one of the last remaining non-opt-out styles of advertising, this means we do not have a choice to costume the content or not.

These adverts are often taking up a small percentages of the public’s visual space but used in multiple locations around a commuter’s daily trips can build up the con- tact time between the advert and the individual.

Reclaiming adverting spaces as a project investigated potentially harmful positive relationship between product adverting and commuters.

Twp Bus Stop adverts were removed and replaced with an image showcasing the inside of the shelter effectively removing the advert completely.