June 14-16, 2021 Camberwell College of Arts, Gallery Space 45-65, Peckham Road

Georgia Chambers

I am a multidisciplinary designer creating work across a multitude of mediums, ranging from digital, print, photography and rug making. This year I started using the medium of hand tufted rugs to realise graphic imagery and typography.

My work focuses on concepts of utopia and dystopia and is heavily influenced by science- fiction and speculative design. I like creating work which speculates and makes an audience question ideas around the future.


My final project this year was realised in the form of a visual data base which allowed an audience to explore, learn and evaluate the uses of new, emerging, and strange technologies.I also made rugs of some of the icons from this project as curious daily reminders that these technologies existed.

Another project this year which fits within the context of Utopia? is the speculative creation of a cult. This project explored current trends of work and consumption and speculated what could happen if damaging trends continue into the future. The cult are a group of people who have come together due to their joint hysteria caused by the current state of the world.