June 14-16, 2021 Camberwell College of Arts, Gallery Space 45-65, Peckham Road

Faaria Roojee

A conceptual fashion designer and creative director dedicated to exploring socio-political perspectives, postcolonial theory and psychology. Born and currently living in London, she is devoted to celebrating representation and multiculturalism within her work, with a strong focus on authenticity and archived experiences that make up the Afro-Asian diaspora.


This project tackles the following overarching argument: How can we restructure fragments of identities and experiences into a series of whole identities in order to develop the perspectives we have of ourselves today (beyond the postcolonial identity)? Archived imagery and literaturecan be brought forward through wearable garments that become representative of a wide array of histories andexperiences that contribute to our identities today.From this, collaging an individual’s identities can be used as a form of representation on the body as fashion becomes our most accessible, fluid and consistent form of communication.A small collection of pieces were created in response to this argument; collages categorised based off of experiencesfound on the island of Mauritius, fragmented wearable garments coming together as puzzle pieces, a series of art directed photographic pieces, as well asa brand identity witha heavy focus on ethics.FRAGMENTS: FORMING IDENTITIESnot only uniquely shows a method of seamlessly manoeuvringbetween cultures throughwhat we wear but alsohow we choose to represent ourselvesbased on the knowledge of our expanding histories and the multiplicity of experiences that have contributed to our lineage.