June 14-16, 2021 Camberwell College of Arts, Gallery Space 45-65, Peckham Road

Elysia Cotton

I am a Graphic Designer, but really anything but a Graphic Designer. My practice is really just baking bread, making prints from bread, and writing about bread. Any physical work is likely made out of pure necessity or impulse, and centres around the analogue, tactility, community and anthropology. And, more often than not, bread. Bread really is everything.

The Daily Bread

This project was born as an exploration of society and the passing of time, through the lens of bread as artistic medium; touching on themes of nostalgia and folklore. Bread is versatile and sculptable, and above all else, for the people. Wether these strange little sculptures and prints feel delicate and wholesome or overtly phallic and deformed, they all touch on bread’s historic relevance and capabilities as lens for anthropology. But, above all else, they are simply to be shared. Bread belongs to us.