June 14-16, 2021 Camberwell College of Arts, Gallery Space 45-65, Peckham Road

Elliot Tully

Throughout my third and final year, I decided to make Film Photography and Photomanipulation my main area of focus for my Individual Programme of Study. Specifically, the various different ways in which a photograph can be treated and or manipulated – before and or after the photo has actually been taken. I also wished to explore and examine the way in which environment, text and composition can also play their part in the successful deception of the viewer. Through exploring these key themes, I created three outcomes of which heavily revolved around the multi-faceted idea of perception and the many ways in which perception can thus be changed and altered through subtle and simple manipulation. i.e. the lens of photography and print based media. 

Pixelated Perception

A visual exploration into the distorted and potentially toxic reality that social media can create, inflict and supposedly thrives upon. This publication aims to analyse and compare visually how one chooses to be perceived via comparing ones most recent Instagram post versus their most recent tagged image. The point and purpose of this visual experiment is to gauge, exhibit and display roughly how authentic your average Instagram user’s perception of themselves is, in comparison to how they are really, truly seen. Giving us a visual example of the true levels of authenticity and sense of self among Instagram’s key target audience.