June 14-16, 2021 Camberwell College of Arts, Gallery Space 45-65, Peckham Road

Ella Wanendeya

I work with graphic design in an expanded sense, seeingeverything we interact with as acommunicator…be that animations, objects or sensoryexperiences. My pieces are motivated by bringingus closer to our essential beings as they addresstopics of sensory interconnections, nostalgia andtieswith the energy of our Earth. It is important to methat the materials I use are consciously chosen tocommunicate my ideas in a sustainable but specialway. I believe graphic design can be a tactile andsensory trip.

coming2yoursenses [C2YS]

C2YS explores the curious link between smell and memory.The past can be revived inunexpected situations, triggered by a sensory experiencesomehow bending time and breathing thedichotomy between past and present. The connectionto the olfactory senses in particular is one whichisalways emotionally laden, intense and long-lasting.My pieces born from much research intographic associations between smell and colour/shape- questioning how we might begin tovisualise something which is invisible.I created a range of pieces through this framework;tailored handrolled incense, incenseholders and scented stickers. I also collaboratedwith seven different sound artists andmusicians to create a series of animations where boththe sound and visuals attempt torepresent a smell-memory experience.My project overall encourages you as a viewer to letgo and connect with something deeper andmore essential than what we consider in everyday life.Our relationship with smell is instinctualand brings us back to a simpler form where we canconnect with our emotions on a moreprofound level. Thinking less and thinking more.